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Y.CO Announces Partnership with Pinpoint Works

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Voly Group is pleased to share the news of a strategic partnership between Y.CO and Pinpoint Works.

Pinpoint Works, which is part of Voly Group’s umbrella of companies, have forged the strategic partnership with Y.CO. This means that Y.CO will be implementing the Pinpoint Works project management platform, across their entire technical fleet, as part of Y.CO’s commitment to solution-based yacht management

in the yachting industry.

The partnership between Y.CO and Pinpoint Works will be rolled out over the coming months, with the aim of co-developing a fleet platform as well as a refit management module within the existing Pinpoint Works solution.

The last phase of this project consists of the integration between Voly’s Yacht Accounting software, and Pinpoint Works, to streamline communication between Y.CO's technical and finance teams. This integration will streamline approval, payment and reporting processes in the day-to-day operations and during refit works, providing owners with real-time transparency and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of yacht management processes.

Voly Group Founder and CEO Ian Flanagan said:

“Y.CO have always been very forward thinking when it comes to technology, they were the first yacht management company to adopt Voly’s financial management across their entire fleet. They had the vision to see what the Voly platform was capable of 5 years ago. The new partnership with Pinpoint Works across their entire technical fleet is an indication of things to come in the yachting industry, and it’s great to see the industry as a whole using technology to improve previous paper intensive processes.”

For more information visit: Y.CO Partners Technical Management or Pinpoint Works


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