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Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

Ivaylo Nenov

Technical Manager at Y.CO

"Pinpoint Works has become an invaluable tool during yacht warranty periods, allowing us to communicate effectively with crew and shipyards, stay up to date on every aspect of the project, and ultimately, provide the highest service to our clients.”

Roger Becker

Senior Surveyor at Wrede Consulting

"We have found that using Pinpoint Works has saved us time on daily documentation and made warranty or refit items much easier to document so that all parties involved have a much clearer overview of the status on board, thus saving all parties invited to use the system time and money. At present, we are hoping to get Pinpoint Works implemented on further projects as it is a system that will benefit a project, whether it be a refit or new build, for all parties involved at an affordable cost."

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Alastair Heane

Project Manager at Hill Robinson

“Pinpoint Works is as good as it gets for simplicity and flexibility to capture items relevant to the day-to-day operation of a vessel. For maintenance, it’s fantastic, and communication between departments is simple, with items migrated into topics and headings with technical data to support.For a Technical Manager, Project Manager and Vessel Manager, it is simple to understand issues and make relevant actions transparent. Exporting data into Excel and then into MS Project is simple, giving tasks and deliverables transparency through to completion.”

Stylianos Kotrozos

Project Manager at Silent Yachts

"Pinpoint Works has been an excellent tool for the Silent Yachts team! It helps us communicate more efficiently with each other and assign tasks to the right people while simultaneously reducing email traffic. Generating reports for internal use and clients has become more accessible and quicker to create, thanks to the export capability of the system. The system is very user-friendly, so everyone uses it with minimum training required. It has provided good improvement across the whole company."

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Charles Pritchard

Director & Founder at CP Yachts 

We have been working extensively with Pinpoint Works across our fleet since early 2020.

What a game-changer! 

Clear for owners to understand, easy for the crew to use and all the details in the middle for management to be able to work with both parties.

Creating work lists, planning, and executing them with permanent records to look back on - we simply couldn’t do without Pinpoint Works."

Claire Behan 

Client Partner at Yotspot 

"For those seeking to enhance productivity across all departments, Pinpoint Works provides a comprehensive overview of fellow crew members' activities, effectively diminishing the requirement for numerous internal meetings and email exchanges during shipyard periods. The app's seamless image and document upload features, combined with precise location tagging, were pivotal in transforming my workflow. Its user-friendly interface solidifies it as a top-choice tool for enhancing onboard efficiency and communication. Using this product in my former role as a Chief Stewardess, now working for Yotspot, I possess a unique understanding of how technology serves as the foundation for effective vessel management across all aspects of the operation."

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Sarah Watson

Purser Training at The Crew Academy

“Introducing the Purser Course students to Pinpoint Works always gives us such great pleasure, their reactions are always so positive, and all the students wish they had discovered the software sooner.


Any requests/student questions to James and Leslie is always dealt with in a prompt and professional manner, they really give the whole package when using Pinpoint Works.”

Paul Were

Captain of MY Maraya (52m+)

“I like the simplicity and ease of use of Pinpoint Works: it gives a great platform for documenting faults and works and then allowing an online point-by-point system of negotiating the action required and then monitoring the progress and final results. The ability to include parties that need to be aware of the point in question (on board departments, contractors, management, owners etc.), as well as adding in photos and documents and easily sort information with the tagging system, makes this simple tool very powerful. 


“I'm in the process of making a Pinpoint Works report the central focus of our weekly planning meetings on board and I see its use on board expanding as the crew become accustomed to documenting defects and works in this very simple and efficient manner. I will definitely continue to use Pinpoint Works both on my current vessel and in future project management enterprises that I am involved in.”


Chief Officer

MY Invictus (66m)

“Pinpoint Works have literally reinvented the wheel with this easy to use and seamless software. From day one the package was all that we expected, which accompanied exceptional service. We have gone from soggy ink stained note books to the future of the super yacht industry! Thank you Pinpoint Team.”

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Chief Engineer

MY Elysian (66m)

"Pinpoint Works has been an essential part of the build and warranty process. It has allowed me to effectively log defects whilst on the go, allowing everyone involved to view, download documents and discuss the issues before formulating a plan for remedial work. As well, it has given us a great resource of records for the future. We continue to use Pinpoint Works alongside our PMS for continued maintenance and reference onboard."


Josh Conquest

Captain of MY Gazzella (50m)

“Being a new yacht under warranty, I was in need of a software application that clearly documented and organised each job to make it as easy and simple as possible for the shipyard and contractors. I had used the programme on my previous yacht for departmental work lists and found it was exactly what I was looking for. With the iPhone app it is the perfect tool for crew, heads of department, shipyards, contractors and captains.

“Very easy to set up, it takes away the confusion and misunderstanding that previously occurred when dealing with companies in a second language via emails and excel sheets. Now I take a photo, add a location pin to the uploaded GA, tag the relevant company or individuals concerned, the priority level and add comments and a description. They can add their own comments and photos or videos as the job progresses.”

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