Our Story

New Build Yacht

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Pinpoint Works came during our Founder, and super yacht Captain, James Stockdale's personal experience managing a warranty list for a large yacht in the final stages of the build. Using inadequate spreadsheets passed among dozens of people, items getting left out or forgotten, and forever losing information in the sea of email chains, James decided it was time for an upgrade to the way we were working and communicating. 

Innovative Technology

The Idea

The idea was simple:​

1) Keep the look and feel of a spreadsheet

2) Attach plans for pinpointing locations

3) Allow adding photos, videos and files

4) Ensure real-time access to the latest information

5) Integrating mobile devices for iOS and Android

A Simple, Powerful Solution

The Outcome

Created, tested and approved by shipyard project managers, independent contractors, paint surveyors, and yacht crew, Pinpoint Works is supporting hundreds of yachts and maritime businesses all over the world. Pinpoint Works has found appeal in both maritime and land-based sectors due its simple design, customizable features and affordable pricing.   

Driven by User Feedback

The Future

Our clients and their teams are a vital part of our success since each new feature added to our web and mobile apps are based on user feedback. We believe this is the best way to continue improving a product that meets the needs of our users and takes the frustration out of their work, snag or punch list tracking. As new features are implemented, we'll incorporate James' original notion of "simple but powerful" within the Pinpoint Works design.

Our Team

James Stockdale image_edited_edited.jpg


James has lived a life almost exclusively around boats. It started with a passion for sailing which led to a degree in Naval Architecture and a jump to motor yacht soon after. He entered the yachting industry with a high level of technical knowledge and a passion for all things “boat”.


Over 12 years as crew and Captain, he managed numerous shipyard periods including warranties and new builds. It was while managing a new build in 2014 that he developed the idea for Pinpoint Works.


James understands the importance of good organization and clear communication and his aim is to share the benefits of Pinpoint Works to other industry professionals. He also likes "pestering the developers".

James is currently a rotational Captain on a 66m motor yacht. When not on the water, you can find him hiking or jogging wherever in the world he finds himself that day.

Co-Founder & Director

Leslie has been with Pinpoint Works since the very beginning, circa 2013. She is focused on the day-to-day operations of the business and product management. 

She has led a varied professional life on land and at sea, serving as a yacht stewardess for 5 years, including 2 new builds, before going full-time to build the Pinpoint Works business 5 years ago. 

This unique crew experience gives her insight as to the inner workings of all stages of a yacht's lifecycle, understanding the frustrations global teams face both onshore and onboard.


Leslie is a self-professed workaholic and thrives on building a better product and experience for the Pinpoint Works community. When not at her computer, you'll find her taking photos, reading, and catching up with friends over a big bottle of wine. She and James reside in London.

Business Development

Stuart has been with Pinpoint Works since mid-2019 as head of business development. Having worked onboard smaller yachts for several years in his 20's, Stu made the jump to a land-based life to start a family. 

Stu was first introduced to Pinpoint Works while working as a project manager at Pinmar in Barcelona. After becoming a big fan of the product and meeting James and Leslie in person, he joined full-time soon after and has since become an indispensable part of the team.

Aside from giving endless product demos and managing client requests, Stu helps Leslie and James steer product development ideas based on client feedback and guiding other members of the Pinpoint Works team. 

When not spending time with his wife and two young children, you'll find Stu running, playing cricket or rugby in his spare time.

Scrum Master

Piotr began working with the Pinpoint Works product as a frontend developer in  2015. During the last 4 years, he has branched out to found another software company but, believing in the Pinpoint Works product and founding team, chose to stay on to manage the development team on a day-to-day basis.


Piotr brings a strong work ethic and dedication to his role at Pinpoint Works. He fields queries from the dev team and the product managers - James and Leslie - with agility and is very patient in answering Leslie's many non-technical questions... an almost daily occurrence!

When not juggling his development roles, you can find him spending time with his partner Klaudia (see below) and their son. They love the great outdoors and spend time exploring the beauty of Poland by land and water - kayaking, sailing, and hiking.


Andy Profile_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_4223- square_edited.jpg
Klaudia photo_edited.jpg

Accounts & Administration

Joanna joined the Pinpoint Works team in 2021. Her role at Pinpoint Works encompasses a variety of accounting and administrative tasks, including invoicing and supporting her teammates in special projects and being Leslie's right-hand woman.


After working in the yachting industry for 12 years, the last 5 as Purser, Jo learned many financial and administrative skills that have enabled a smooth transition to this land-based role which still keeps her connected to an industry she loves.


This experience allows her to better understand our clients, the environments in which they work, and what a yacht expects of a supplier - including a high level of professionalism and customer support.


Now enjoying the novelty of living on land in Cornwall, UK, Jo is pursuing her love for Obstacle Racing, Crossfit training, and trail running. She also enjoys paddle boarding, sea swimming, and most importantly, she loves spending time with her family.

Client Account Manager

Andrew, aka Andy, is a recent addition to the Pinpoint Works team, joining as an Account Manager in 2021. Andy is here to ensure our clients are using their Pinpoint Works account to their full potential. He trains new crew on general functionality and supports existing crew on new features, demonstrating how they can integrate the Pinpoint apps into the yacht's current systems to gain maximum value and efficiency from their account.

He worked in the industry for 11 years - 6 as Chief Officer - where he was first introduced to Pinpoint Works. Andy found it an invaluable tool in managing day-to-day and ongoing works and preparing for larger shipyard and refit periods. He hopes to bring some of the efficiencies to his clients.

Andy is a new father to his first born daughter. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle, road biking, running, and occasionally fly fishing. He has lots of recommendations on local cycling routes in the High Peak district of the UK where he now resides with his wife.

(Ping him for his cycling recommendations!)

Client Account Manager

Glen is brand new to the team, but is no stranger to Pinpoint Works! He comes from Wrede Consulting, our first technical partner, and has been using the PW apps for 5 years.


Glen has 14 years experience within the marine painting industry as an applicator and a paint inspector and has worked on 12 new build and refit projects as project manager and paint consultant.


Over the years, Glen has seen the evolution of the Pinpoint Works software up close. This in addition to close proximity to industry professionals from many different roles and positions makes him uniquely qualified to onboard new clients and support existing clients to ensure they're getting the most out of their Pinpoint Works account.

After working abroad on and off for the better part of 8 years, Glen is now based in Cornwall, UK where he's enjoying being back with his partner and two children on a full time basis. He also enjoy jogging and playing with his two dogs.

Quality Assurance

Klaudia has been working at Pinpoint Works since mid-2020. Partner to Piotr, our Scrum Master, she's been hearing the Pinpoint Work name for several years prior to joining the team when she was a cultural journalist.

She has the monumental task of testing new features and ensuring designs are implemented correctly. Additionally, she investigates bug reports and works with the various department of the Pinpoint Works team to keep our clients updated on fixes.

Her acute attention to detail and keen eye for design, (combined with her close proximity to Piotr!) makes her an invaluable member of the development team.  

Klaudia enjoys a variety of activites outside of work including photography and traveling. She loves trying new sports such as: windsurfing, climbing and ski touring. She makes all of this with her family – Piotr and Miko, their son. In moments of quiet, she is an avid reader.


UI/UX Design

Alex has been with Pinpoint Works since early 2020 as a UI/UX Designer for the web and mobile applications.

Working closely with Leslie, Piotr and Klaudia, he's here to create a user-friendly experience for our clients by keeping UX components up to date and creating simple, consistent design solutions for new features.

Alex is an open-minded UI/UX Human-Centered Designer with more than 7+ years of design experience. He started his career as a graphic designer focused on photo manipulation and illustration, migrating to the UX/UI field early in his career.

When not in front of a computer, Alex loves traveling and spending time in nature with his girlfriend and their Westies among the mountains of Romania. Alex enjoys any water-related activities, reading about business, personal development, and understanding the latest technology trends.

Backend Developer

Ludwik has been a backend developer with Pinpoint Works for over two years and is based in Krakow, Poland. His responsibilities include developing the backend side of the web application, maintaining servers, monitoring logs and resources.  

Ludwik holds an MSc in Computer Science which he has earned while working for Pinpint Works - showing dedication to furthering his technical knowledge and commitment to the PW team.

Ludwik is a solid developer, proving great diligence in everything he does. His main goal is to maintain and constantly improve the code base, simultaneously reacting to bug reports, planning and implementing new features.

Another outdoor enthusiast, Ludwik enjoys road cycling and hiking. He also reads crime novels and enjoys a good old-fashioned board game.

Frontend Developer

Jarek has been working with the Pinpoint Works team for over two years and is also based in Krakow, Poland.

He focuses on implementing Alex's designs for the fronted web application, providing feedback for new features and continually improving the frontend code. Additionally, he helps investigate bugs with Klaudia so that they can be quickly resolved.

Jarek likes to think outside of the box and works closely with Piotr to discuss creative solutions to challenging technical tasks. He's constantly reading about new technology to improve in all areas of being a frontend developer.

Outside of the office, Jarek enjoys a wide variety of activites such as cooking, playing video games, reading all genres of books, and especially likes outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and camping.