Site plan, meet spreadsheet. 

Pin it. 

Add items to your site plan at your desk or on-the-go.

Yacht work list software and project management. Pinpoint Works app

"Implemented across multiple new build projects to streamline documentation and communication with shipyards.


Keeps everyone on track, saves a lot of headaches and mistranlations."

Owner's Rep & Project Manager,

Super Yacht

Native web and mobile apps

Get full access on your computer using the web app.  No internet onsite? No problem. Use the mobile apps for iOS and Android, on or offline. Add and edit points as needed, then sync when an internet connection is available.

Drop a Pin on the Site Plan

Make locating works simple by dropping a pin directly where the issue lies. Zoom in and out of the site plan for pinpoint precision. Then, view work list points in the table or on the site plan for easy identification.

Make the Work List Your Own

Include the basic info such as Title, Priority, Status, and Description. Create Tags and Custom Fields specific to your project to tailor the work list to the needs of you and your team.

Add Media Files in a Flash

Sometimes words aren't enough. Add photos, videos and documents to your work list points for clarification and documentation. The 360˚ photo feature is handy for a full view of the space.

Share it.

Invite as many or as few people to your site as you need. 

Yacht Work List App for Yacht Crew, Shipyards, Surveyors, Yacht Mangagers. Software for construction for high end residential projects, luxury hotels and resort property management and snagging.

"Easy to implement and the team quickly adapted to the web and mobile platforms."

Paint Surveyor,

Super Yacht Industry

Pinpoint Works lets your team communicate through software for yachting and costruction.
Create Your Team

From key personnel to subcontractors to administrators. Keep everyone up to date with the latest information on one simple, shared system. 

Pinpoint Works software apps for yacht work list and projet managemnt.
Assign User Access Levels

Four levels of user access give you the flexibility to add as many users to your work lists without compromising sensitive data. Admin users manage all user on each site in one central location.

Pinpont Works software lets you work with your crew or team onboard or onshore. Work list apps for yachting and construction.
Simplify Group Communication

Bring all users up to speed using one platform where they can add comments and see the latest information in real time. 

Pinpoint Wors software apps - work online or offline. Yachting and Construction snagging.
Always in Sync

Out of date information is frustrating and time consuming. With Pinpoint Works, any changes made to the work list are instantly synced across all devices so your team stays on the same page.

Track it. 

Track work list points in one place, in real-time.

"Essential part of ​our​refit​​ process. ​Using Pinpoint Works with ​the shipyard​ and contractors​ ​built trust ​through transparency, and these records are now critical for our warranty period."


Super Yacht

Filtering and sorting information is easy in Pinpoint Works. Manage work lists easier and export reports quickly.
Review information

Search, filter and order your list for quick and easy access to the data. Users can customize their work list table to save time and see the information they need.

Export Your Work List

After sorting and filtering your work list points, export to PDF, Word or Excel. Email the list to users who don't have direct access to the work list site or print reports for site walk-arounds and meetings.  

The Pinpoint Works Dashbard gives your team the option to see recent activity and metrics for your work lists sites on our app.
Dashboard Overview 

Customize your dashboard to display snapshots  of data for a single or multiple sites. Practical for those who manage several projects to keep up with the latest activity.

Set Notifications

Each individual user can change their email notification preferences to be notified as often as needed. Hyperlinks make accessing the changes in your work list a breeze.