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We pride ourselves on offering an all-in-one project management
solution for industry professionals that enhances efficiencies,
creates transparency, provides real value, and saves time.

Interactive GA

Pinpoint Works software turns a yacht’s General Arrangement (GA) into a comprehensive visualisation of their project, helping them plan, coordinate, communicate, and collaborate effectively.  

Add work list points precisely onto the yacht’s interactive GA 

Zoom function to view project points in specific areas on the interactive GA

Mobile App

Easily manage tasks on the go, saving time and ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Add and edit work list points on the go  

View location, status, and priority of work list points

Upload photos, videos and comments

Offline functionality, syncs with data connection


Collaborate with teams using
one platform

Users can add comments and see the latest information in real-time. 

Simplify group communication

Import users from other work list sites

Assign and @mention users in specific work list points


Review and export

Users can review and analyse data in real-time, giving an accurate and comprehensive overview of their project. 

Search, filter and order your work lists for quick and simple access to the data 

Auto-formatted images for professional reporting documentation 

Export to PDF, Word or Excel for onsite walkarounds and meetings 

Customised Work Lists

Enabling users to create detailed work lists specific to their project’s needs. 

Simplify group communication

Import users from other work list sites

Assign and @mention users in specific work list points


Dashboard Overview on All Project Sites

See progress and ongoing changes in a visual format that can be quickly exported. 

Setup graphs for single or multiple sites to give a glimpse of project overview statistics 

Simple number format or graphs which can be added or removed as needed 

See updates in real-time across multiple sites and projects 


Timeline and Reminders

Pinpoint Works takes project management to the next level with additional features. 

Add start and end dates to work list points to populate the timeline 

Group and filter points in a specific time frame 

Export the timeline to share with third parties 

Set reminders to appear on a dedicated Reminders page for follow-up action on a set date

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