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The simple, effective work list solution.

Everything you need to communicate and coordinate your work, snag and punch lists. 

Pinpoint Works Construction and Yacht Work Lists and Project Management

"Modernized the way we track works and communicate."

Chief Engineer,

130m+ Super Yacht

"Simple and very powerful tool."


54m Super Yacht

Our clients include: yacht crews, paint surveyors, project managers, shipyards, boat yard managers, owner's representatives, marine professionals, architects, contractors, site managers, care takers, hotel managers, restaurant and bar managers, and more...

If you're tired of information getting lost in emails, scribbling in notepads, and co-workers working from various spreadsheets, then Pinpoint Works is the perfect custom solution for your project.

Pin it. Share it. Track it.

Pinpoint Works turns your site plan into a live, interactive work list solution. 

Keeping project management simple for faster adoption by teams around the world.

yacht work list solution - Pinpoint Works app for yacht worklists
Your Communication Streamlined

Ditch the spreadsheets. Toss the sticky notes. Stop searching for that email. Keep work coordination and communication simple. Customize your site and start tracking the information you need on the device you want.

Your Project Simplified

One simple system can bring the pieces together to better manage your property or yacht work lists. Whether it's a work, snag or punch list - or all three - start now and create a project history on one system.

yacht work list solution - Pinpoint Works app for yacht worklists
yacht work list solution - Pinpoint Works app for yacht worklists
Your Team Informed

Create a communal space for your team to share knowledge. A cloud-based platform means everyone has access to the latest information, making them more productive and less frustrated.

“Used for "unplanned maintenance" and all of our internal communication between departments. It's been a game changer for productivity​ and crew harmony​."

Chief Engineer, Super Yacht

“Pinpoint Works has brought us a single space for all of our issues or improvements, allowing for perfect tracking of all ongoing yacht work lists."

CEO, Shipyard

“I like the simplicity and ease of use of Pinpoint Works: it gives a great platform for documenting faults and works and then allowing a system of negotiating the action required and then monitoring the progress and final results."

Project Manager, Super Yacht

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