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New Features Available in Pinpoint Works

Updated: May 8

We are excited to share our most recent updates and new features now available in the Pinpoint Works platform.

Make your account safer with Two-Factor Authentication

Keeping our client's data safe and secure is our highest priority; that’s why we are delighted to share that two-factor authentication is now available on Pinpoint Works.


If you are a user of Pinpoint Works, you can now enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Pinpoint Works account, adding another layer of security.


We use a Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP) approach, which can be sent to your mobile device by SMS or WhatsApp.


Two-factor authentication can be set up during Login or in ‘Profile Settings’. To find out more, read the full Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) article.

Red Flags

We have introduced Red Flags in the Pinpoint Works platform. They can be used to make a point stand out or increase the priority.


Admin users can assign red flags to a point. Normal and guest users cannot alter a point’s flagged status, but flagging is visible to everyone with access to that point.


A point can be flagged and unflagged within the point card.


Red flags have many uses, such as:


  • When something is time-critical

  • When something needs to be addressed (such as being past its due date, over budget, etc)

  • When you would like someone to reply to your comments


To find out how to use Red Flags, read the full article here

Update Email Address


You can now easily update your email address in User Settings. Once you've chosen a new email, a verification link will be sent to it. Additionally, your old email address will be notified of this change.


Account Owners can resend the verification email from User Management, similar to how they can resend invitation emails.


Read more in the Update Email Address article.


For help on any of the above new features, visit the Pinpoint Works help centre or contact your Account Manager.


If you are not a client and would like to find out more about Pinpoint Works contact us to book a demo.



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