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A Day in the Life of Chief Stewardess Charlotte Blakey

Updated: Apr 8

Working onboard a superyacht can be demanding, but it is also an extremely exciting career path.

As head of the interior, the integral role of a Chief stewardess is a perfect blend of luxury, organisation, and meticulous attention to detail. Not only are Chief Stewardesses responsible for guest satisfaction onboard, but they must also be able to anticipate yacht owners’ and guests’ needs and exceed their expectations.

As part of our ‘Day in the Life Of’ series, we spoke with Chief Stewardess Charlotte Blakey, who has worked on yachts for 11 years. Charlotte shared some of her incredible experiences of what it takes to be in a senior role onboard, exploring beautiful locations whilst serving the rich and famous.

Working on superyachts can be a fantastic career if you are adaptable, open to change, and positive."

Kelly J. Gordon Captain-Master

Charlotte Blakey

Chief Stewardess

  • Nationality: British

  • Number of years in yachting: 11

  • Superyacht Size: 86m

  • Number of Guests: 12

  • Season / Charters: Private

What is the best part of being a Chief Stewardess? "It is building positive relationships with the crew! Working together as a team is essential to provide exceptional service and create unforgettable experiences for the guests onboard. I also love the challenge of juggling different responsibilities onboard and working in a fast-paced environment – it’s challenging but so rewarding. Travelling the world with a crew that becomes more like family is very cool, too."

Pinpoint Works Yacht Captain Kelly Gordon

Tell us a bit about your journey of how you became a Chief Stewardess.

"I was taking a 6-month break from working professionally in horse racing as an assistant trainer. I was introduced to the yachting industry through friends who worked on yachts and loved it. I initially thought it would be a seasonal thing.

I found day work on a 56m Perini in Palma for my first job. The Chief Stewardess onboard was very inspiring – she easily handled the pressure, turning the yacht interior around in 24 hours for the next charter. From then on, I knew exactly what I wanted to work towards.

The 6-month break has turned into 11 years and counting."

Pinpoint Works Yacht Captain Kelly Gordon

What skills and qualities are crucial for someone aspiring to become a successful Chief Stewardess?

"It pays to be highly organised and have a keen eye for detail. In the role of chief stewardess, you are responsible for nurturing and training junior crew; being kind, firm, fair, and patient goes a long way in helping the interior team flourish. I try not to take myself seriously and embrace all the experiences."

Can you describe some of the most memorable experiences or interactions you’ve had while working as a chief stewardess?

The Grand Prix Circuit in Monaco wraps around Port Hercules, and the superyacht berths offer amazing track views. I remember we had 150 guests onboard for a big party, and being so close to the action was intense.

Since 1995, the island of St Barths has hosted its Bucket Regatta. Being a part of this event, yacht racing was so much fun, and I had great memories.

And… Swimming with Spinner dolphins in Costa Rica was a special moment.

How would you describe the lifestyle of a Chief Stewardess?

"Very cool. I am proud to say I work on superyachts. Learning about different places, cultures, food, and wine opens your eyes to so many possibilities. 

I now have friends in the industry worldwide and often reunite in some fantastic destinations."

Yacht Captain Kelly Gordon
What would you say to anyone dreaming of a career as a Chief Stewardess?
"Go for it! I would highly recommend it. It can involve working in high-pressure, challenging scenarios, but working on superyachts can be a fantastic career if you are adaptable, open to change, and positive. I can’t think of any reasons not to give it a go."

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