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Pinpoint Works Welcomes New Clients and Visitors to the Voly Group Office in Barcelona - Marina Port Vell

Pinpoint Works, which is a Voly Group product, invites new clients and yachting professionals interested in our work list management software to schedule an in-person meeting or demo at the Voly Group office in Marina Port Vell.

This is an exciting milestone as we expand our presence in the vibrant city synonymous with luxury superyachts and innovation.

The Voly Group office provides a prime and picturesque setting to meet with our esteemed clients and partners, including captains, crew, and yacht management companies who may pass through the marina.

We understand the importance of face-to-face interactions and their value in building strong relationships and fostering open communication. Therefore, we have designated specific times throughout the month when the Voly Group office will be available for in-person meetings. We kindly ask that appointments be booked in advance via our website to ensure a smooth and personalised experience for our visitors.

The decision to establish a physical presence in Marina Port Vells aligns perfectly with our parent company, Voly Group, and our commitment to serving the superyacht industry. The marina attracts a discerning clientele of yacht owners, captains, and industry leaders.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to meet those interested in Pinpoint Works software products for operational yacht project management and refit management and discuss how the Pinpoint Works platform can help revolutionise their work list management and communication processes.

Click Get Started to book a demo or discuss your yacht project with us at the Voly Group office in Marina Port Vell, Barcelona; our team will gladly arrange a convenient time for you.


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