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Pinpoint Works teams up with ACREW for MYS 2016

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Next generation work list app collaborating with global super yacht events company during the Monaco Yacht Show next week at La Rascasse.

Pinpoint Works, the app that turns your GA into an interactive work list, is teaming up with ACREW, who specialize in connecting yachting industry professionals through an array of worldwide events. Along with several other sponsors, partners and collaborators, Pinpoint Works will have a prime spot – the notorious La Rascasse— to network and meet one-on-one clients from September 28-30th from 9.30-17.00.

In speaking with CEO and founder of Pinpoint Works, James Stockdale, it’s clear to see his enthusiasm for both the event and his product. As a long time crew member, he’s used to attending MYS at the end of a long charter season. Now he has the opportunity to showcase his own company at the most prestigious yachting event of the year, the Monaco Yacht Show.

“It’s always an event I look forward to. Obviously it’s the perfect place to let loose a bit at the end of a long Med season, but this year I have a different reason to be excited,” said Stockdale.

When the opportunity came up to partner with ACREW, a provider of professional development for super yacht crew, Stockdale jumped at the chance. Known for its yachting industry collaboration and well-planned events, ACREW provides an ideal platform during the Monaco Yacht Show to showcase Pinpoint Works.

“I’m thrilled ACREW is giving me a chance to promote Pinpoint Works with them at Rascasse. It reinforces the fact that our interactive worklist has the potential to benefit many yachting professionals and transform the way we think about communicating on board,” Stockdale said. “I’ve found meeting people face-to-face and showing them what Pinpoint Works can do in person is the most effective way of converting interest into actual use. I can’t think of a better way to do this than at MYS with ACREW.”

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