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Pinpoint Works successful at its first Monaco Yacht Show

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

New work list app debuts its services via live demos at MYS 2016 with positive feedback and many prospects for the growing startup.

After a very busy few days last week at La Rascasse with ACREW, the team at Pinpoint Works is flying high. With dozens of demos given during the Monaco Yacht Show, interest in the SaaS (Software as a Service) product has spiked and the company is looking forward to turning the interest into new users.

Fairly new on the yachting tech scene, Pinpoint Works is a web and mobile app that turns a vessel’s GA (general arrangement) into an interactive work list. It is used as an alternative solution to Excel spreadsheets and emails as multiple parties can log, share, track, and communicate directly within the app. Current users manage work lists for new builds, warranty periods, paint surveys, refits and general day-to-day maintenance.

CEO and founder James Stockdale was at MYS himself giving demos, meeting with clients and participating in the ACREW event “Rock Your Refit”. This gave him the opportunity to show industry professionals, including yacht crew, management companies, shipyard project managers, contractors and those who were just curious the ability to demonstrate Pinpoint Works live. Stockdale says this is vital for converting potential customers into active users.

“Until now we have acquired most of our initial users through leveraging our contacts and word of mouth. The Monaco Yacht Show allowed us to reach a greater organic audience,” said Stockdale. “It was really satisfying to see everyone’s enthusiasm for the product as we demoed it for them. [Pinpoint Works] was met with a lot of excitement which is the reaction we were hoping for.”

As a new company in the superyacht industry, the Pinpoint Works team is focused on raising awareness for the product and demonstrating the problem it solves for the user – a more efficient and effective way to manage worklists on board. The Monaco Yacht Show was the first event in which Pinpoint Works has participated and, based on the feedback, it won’t be the last.

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