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Pinpoint Works: New snagging tool emerges in the UK build industry

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Pinpoint Works branches into the UK building market to fill the gap in technology for small to medium sized businesses with a simple, affordable snagging service.

Pinpoint Works is a snagging communication platform which turns your unique site plan into a live, interactive worklist. With the ability to log items on site without internet, add media files, descriptions and pinpoint a specific location on a site plan, users can communicate with one another directly via the comments feature on web and mobile apps. Site administrators set users’ permission levels and create custom tags which are used to sort, filter and track data entered. PDF reports make meetings, site walk-arounds or communication with contractors and subcontractors clear and transparent.

The platform provides a simple, efficient solution to endless hand-written notes, outdated Excel spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails. Set at an accessible price for small to medium sized businesses in the building industry, Pinpoint Works is a great alternative to other clunky, expensive software currently available which may not be suitable for all businesses in the building industry.

James Stockdale, CEO and Founder of Pinpoint Works, is a super yacht Captain and originally hails from Devon in the southwest of the UK.

“After seeing it used in yachting for snagging new builds, managing warranty periods and refits, tracking paint surveys and even day-to-day maintenance, I felt like there may be a broader market for the service it provides,” Stockdale said.

Stockdale was right. Over the last few months, smaller high-end hotels and restaurants, in addition to architects on residential refurbishments, are finding it a particularly useful tool at a very affordable price.

Matt Gibbens, Sales Director for Pinpoint Works, has been a builder in the UK for over a decade. “When James showed me what he had created for the Super Yacht industry, I instantly saw that it could be very beneficial to the building industry too. Not only does it ensure nothing is missed during the critical final stages of a build, but the service it offers is provided at a cost-effective rate compared to other products on the market,” said Gibbens.

The team at Pinpoint Works is excited about branching out to a new industry and look forward to providing a simple, affordable solution to companies involved in building maintenance and repair throughout the UK.

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