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Pinpoint Works Announces New Features

Pinpoint Works updates its work list app with new functionality based on user feedback.

The team at Pinpoint Works has released a new round of features to their work list communication platform including custom fields, advanced filtering, and bulk changes to points. In addition, the original functionality of the platform remains unchanged, but with a more user-friendly interface, particularly for users with multiple sites.

After just a year on the market and with dozens of yachts signed up, James Stockdale, the founder of Pinpoint Works, has been able to gather valuable feedback from the program’s early adopters to develop the new features. “We’ve been very fortunate to have such friendly and helpful clients who love the program as it is but also see its potential for improvement and progression,” says Stockdale.

One common request from the early adopters was to add extra information to the points such as costs, due dates or other categories specific to their projects. With the new Custom Field feature, Admin users can now create additional data fields that can be used to sort and filter work lists giving the user a clearer picture of exactly which points they need to see.

The ability to filter work list points based on specific parameters, including custom fields, makes it possible to see precise points very quickly. Filtering by tags means you can export a list for an individual contractor and send the list directly to them without compromising sensitive data.

Finally, as work progress can often happen quickly on board, the added functionality of bulk changes allows the user to update the status, priority level or edit tags of many points at once, making it more convenient than changing each point individually and saving the user time.

“We’re constantly striving for greater functionality for Pinpoint Works while keeping the site simple to use. Looking down the pipeline, our next features will include a dashboard and iPad app, which again is based on our users’ needs,” added Stockdale.

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