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Pinpoint Works and Wrede Consulting celebrate a year of collaboration

For over a year, Wrede Consulting have been a strong supporter of Pinpoint Works, using it on some of the largest superyachts currently in build.

Wrede Consulting, one of the most established paint surveying companies in the super yacht industry, has seen the benefits of Pinpoint Works since it started trialing the software over a year ago. Although the startup was presented to the yachting scene officially last September at the Monaco Yacht Show, the team at Wrede Consulting have been advocates for the work and snag list communication platform long before. Not only have Wrede Consulting been using it for their largest projects, but they also invited Pinpoint Works to METS 2016 in Amsterdam as a strategic technical partner.

James Stockdale, founder of Pinpoint Works, met with Roger Becker, a senior surveyor for Wrede Consulting, back in 2014, when James was still captaining yachts.

“We had a great working relationship as I’d worked with Roger on several other vessels,” said Stockdale, “So when I mentioned the concept of Pinpoint Works to him during its early development, Roger saw its potential benefits for Wrede straight away.”

Becker began to use a very early version of Pinpoint and immediately took to the service. “Using Pinpoint Works helps simplify our daily documentation,” Becker said, “This gives us more time to spend on board where our expertise and experience can be of more benefit to a project.”

Pinpoint Works gave the Wrede Consulting survey team the ability to work remotely on several locations while still easily communicating with their colleagues in Germany.

“Pinpoint Works gives my team up-to-date information of what has been inspected and the concerns that were noted. In situations where we need to step in for someone at short notice, Pinpoint ensures that we have the latest information at our fingertips,” explained Becker. “The team has adapted to Pinpoint very quickly and are enjoying the benefits it provides on their projects.”

Having proved itself during new build and refit projects, the value of using Pinpoint Works has been recognized by the owner’s teams and crew for future use.

Originally designed to track onboard works and snag lists during builds and warranty periods, Pinpoint Works has shown itself to be a versatile work list tool finding its way into diverse sections of the building industry as well as yachting. Stockdale has been grateful to the owner of Wrede Consulting, Kay-Johannes Wrede, and Becker’s survey team for their consistent support and input for over a year.

Wrede Consulting are a firm of highly renowned independent paint consultants. As such they have provided quality assessment and general expertise to most of the world’s 200 largest mega yachts, both during build and refit periods. Wrede Consulting are keen to face the challenges of their occupation using the most modern technologies and equipment, aiming to achieve excellent results on all their projects.

Wrede Consulting have offices in Hamburg, Bremen, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

For any request, please contact or +49-40-881 67 45 ext. 0.

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