Hotel managers have an overview of snag lists and on-going works and delegate to the appropriate staff or send reports of work lists to hired contractors. Anyone with access can snap a photo or take a video directly at the source with mobile apps. Prepare efficiently for maintenance works to be completed during the slower periods to keep your hotel, villa, resort, or B&B looking its best for guests.


Site managers and architects who manage New construction or renovations can ensure quality control during the snagging and punch list phases by using a dedicated platform to track issues before the project finishes and after handover to the client. Collaborate with contractors, designers and even Owners along the way. Transparency leads to greater trust and higher standards of work within any organisation. 


Whether you manage a few large properties or dozens of small properties, Pinpoint Works has you covered. Mobile apps make it easy to log issues while on-site and the web app allows you to see a global picture of each property - including photos and videos - so everyone on the team is working off the same list, in real-time, from the office or on-site. Then send reports and updates to Owners to ease their minds. 


School, college, and university campuses all need constant care to keep facilities clean and up to safety standards. Using a dedicated snag list platform allows anyone with access - Site Managers, Administration, or Staff - take photos and log issues quickly so maintenance can be scheduled. 

Restaurant and bar owners can ensure their property and assets are being maintained in a timely manner and any health code concerns are taken care of promptly. Pinpoint Works is a simple and affordable solution for restaurants and bars of any size, keeping your business in top notch condition so clients keep coming back. 



No matter what type of property you manage, Pinpoint Works can help you and your team log, share and track your work, snag and punch lists.

Not sure if we're the right solution for your project or team? Message us with more details and we'll be happy to advise. 

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